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Party Babies is a party planning company that offers the perfect entertainment for your child's birthday, playgroup, or any other occasion. At Party Babies, we are strong believers in providing a clean, safe environment for all of our littlest ones to play and interact. We understand that through play, a child develops key skills and qualities such as independence, ingenuity, inquisitiveness, and problem-solving. We provide the ultimate toddler party where your kids can have fun and learn at the same time.

Our Cleaning  Protocol

We are dedicated to a rigorous cleaning process. After each party, we clean and sanitize each piece with a botanical disinfectant antibacterial product to ensure a clean and safe environment for the next party. All balls are individually cleaned after each use.


Our equipment exceeds strict requirements regarding abrasion, fire and tear resistance, twisting, biting and toxicity. Equipment is manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards in the United States.

Set up and    Safety


The play area requires a 10 x 20 foot space and can be set up indoors/outdoors. We can also provide a canopy at an additional cost, to offer shade for outdoor parties.


Adult supervision is required in the play area at all times.  Our play area is set up for the use of children ONLY. Our equipment is not intended for rainy weather, as this can cause a slippery environment for children and can damage the equipment over time. The welfare of the children playing in the play area is left with the hirer. All equipment meets current USA standards and our company holds product and public liability insurance.


Party Babies and its employees accept no responsibility for any injuries caused while using the equipment. Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged a replacement/repair fee.




Soft Play XL
  • Area need 14 x 20 

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • Ball Pit Pool 8 x 8

  • Obstacle courses  (21 pieces)

  • 3 add ons

Soft Play 
  • Area need 10 x 20 

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • Ball Pit Pool 5 x 7

  • 2 Obstacle courses    (21 pieces) 

  • 3 add ons

Ball Pit Fun XL
  • Area need 14 x 10 

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • Ball Pit Pool 8 x 8

  • 2 add ons

Ball Pit Fun
  • Area need 10x10 

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • Ball Pit Pool 5 x 7

  • 2 add ons


Currently Not Available

Sensory Set
  • Area need 10x10 

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • 2 Obstacle courses   (21 pieces)

  • 1 add on


Blue XL Ball Pit 
Blue Ball Pit 
Red XL Ball Pit 
Red Ball Pit 
Tunnel Obstacle  Course
Mirror  Obstacle   Course
Narrow XL Ball Pit 
(comes in both colors)

Add Ons

Ride on Cars
Pink Tunnel
Green Tunnel
Blue  Tunnel
Blue Rocker
Pink  Rocker
Red  Horse
Blue Horse
Pink Horse
Green Horse
Red Fox
Orange Fox
Green Dino
Blue Dino
Pink Cow
Green Cow
Black Cow





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